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We provide you with targeted backlinks from B2B SaaS businesses. Our team curates each SaaS backlink to ensure top-tier metrics, spam-free, and page relevance.

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Top-Tier SaaS Backlink Service

Backlinks from SaaS companies are perfect for increasing domain authority and ranking higher in Google.

SaaS companies have high domain ratings and high traffic, a lethal combination. Backlinks from SaaS are extremely valuable.

WhaT’s Included?

From finding the link opportunities to coordinating with the SaaS site owner to get the link placed, we take care of everything.

Here’s what’s included:

Link Opportunity Research

We will analyze your niche and competitors to find the best link opportunities.

We look for link opportunities on websites that are closely matched to your niche (B2B only)

We look for sites that have strong organic traffic (at least 5,000/views per month)

Manual Outreach to Websites

We will email website owners and arrange for the link to be placed

We find contact information and send custom email outreach to owners of high quality sites

We will coordinate with the site owner to get the link placed

Place Link with Requested Anchor Text

Each backlink will contain an anchor text, which can be a requested keyword or the brand name.

Link will be placed on an existing page on the site

Link will be dofollow and permanent

We will try to use the requested keyword for the anchor text

When necessary, we will use the branded anchor text

The link will look natural and not spammy

Common Questions

What kind of links are these?

These are niche edit links. Here is the process:

  • We find a blog article on the B2B SaaS business website
  • We ask them to insert a link on this aged blog article with your anchor text (or variation)
  • You get a backlink to a blog article on your site

Note: backlinks can ONLY be to blog articles on your site. Not the homepage or any landing page.

What is the turnaround time?

The turnaround time is within 10 business days. If it takes longer than expected, we will communicate that with you.

What’s required to start the service?

We require the following to perform the service:

  • The URL of your site
  • Preferred anchor text
  • Preferred blog article you want a link to (optional)

How is the report delivered?

A simple email with the final URL(s) where your backlink exists.

Pricing & Next Steps

Best Value

Premium SaaS Backlink: $399

We will send you a list of SaaS link opportunities available at the time of order. These are niche edits (link inserts). Links can ONLY go to blog pages, not service pages or the homepage. The backlink must be B2B and relevant.

We deliver the results within 10 business days.

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